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About Randy White

Bishop Randy White

Randy White

Randy White has many roles.  Many know him best as Pastor Randy, or Bishop Randy from his time as the senior pastor of Without Walls International Church which he founded in 1991 in Tampa, Florida.  Some people know him as a community activist in Frederick, Maryland, where he is spearheading the charge for awareness and governmental accountability.  Others may know him as an author, or a dynamic preacher.  No matter the label, the undertone of the mission is the same… to help people.

  1. Ana Hawkins permalink

    Hello Mr. White.

    My husband is from Frederick Maryland , but we live in Colombia (South America). Some months ago, the doctors discovered my hsuband had ALS. They asked if he had some relationship with chimical investigations or war agents.
    My husband born in Frederick, and live his childhood close the Fort Detrick. It was a surprise to me, to know there are a lot people with ALS in Frederick and also there are a lot of people with inmune system diseases. It is like these Fort is killing the town.

    I was in Frederick In July 2.010, the news showed your important work with the activity because of the relationship and the cancer.

    My question is ” Why you have not included the other illness the Orange Agent produce, like ALS, Atritis, Deabetes, tumors and many other diseases every has in Frederick?? To include these other diseases will show the big damage in Frederick.

    What we can do? At the time my husband does not have the Disability, he is very weak, handicap and he ca not work. It is a tragedy.


    Ana Hawkins

  2. Linda Lamberti permalink

    Hi Pastor Randy,

    Every now and then I find myself thinking about how much I miss sitting under your teachings. Till this day I have not found a pastor that I can truly call my pastor. You were my first and only true pastor.

    Where are you these days? Are you speaking any where?

    I pray all is well with you. Love you and miss you.

    Charlie sends his love.

  3. Karen Webb permalink

    Love you and Miss you Pastor Randy!

  4. Pamela Monroe permalink

    Hi Bishop, you do not know the gratitude that my heart feels for you. I appreciate you praying for me during my son’s passing back in April. It meant so much to me when I saw your comment. Everyday has been such a hard time of letting go. Only those who have loss a child can identify with what you go through. I am so thankful that I have a relationship with Christ, without that I think I really could have lost it. I was supposed to make you aware of my gratitude two weeks ago, but I finally got around to it. Welcome back to the ministry that you founded so long ago. Thank you once again. God always make a way out of noway.
    Pam Monroe.

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