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I’m babysitting!

I am so very excited. My daughter was on her way to the hospital to deliver my granddaughter and she dropped off my grandson to watch him.  Think about that!  I’m watching Preston, a one year old by myself watching cartoons.


I have a new granddaughter!

Milania Renee White

Congratulations to Brandon and Alyssa on the birth of Milania Renee.  She was born 3/13/13!


Looking ahead in 2013-2014 — We are currently proposing federal legislation that calls for tougher regulations concerning military base and industry dumping practices; prohibits residential development adjacent to an existing Superfund site; and demands protection of and compensation for victims of environmentally induced cancer and related illness from contamination sites within all probable cause.

EPA Wants to Test Land Surrounding Fort Detrick


Housing Development in Ft. Detrick Near Area With Cancer Deaths



Officials Hear About Concern Near Area B

Officials Hear About Concern Near Area B


Detrick Area Project Approved Despite Water Safety

Detrick Area Project Approved Despite Water Safety